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List of Cabinet Ministers In India 2017 in Hindi PDF

List of cabinet ministers in Narendra Modi’s Government are given table below. All the members are part of BJP party and are elected in different positions in the government. Designation of Minister Name of Cabinet Minister 1.       Prime Minister 2.       Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 3.       Department of Atomic Energy 4.       Department of

List of Abstract Nouns In English

In English Grammar, there are several ways to describe each thing designed by nature in a different manner. In grammar, we find verb, noun, adjective, adverb, abstract noun, narration, voice etc. Abstract nouns are the objects/ ideas which can only be felt and can never be seen or touched. The things we sense with our

List of Fruits In World

Fruit has a different meaning as per the field and person. For a botany person, fruit contains plant’s seeds. Fruit comes from flower’s ovary in their language. But In general sense of cooking, botanical fruits are known as vegetables. For people living normal life and who are busy in their jobs & businesses, fruits are

List of Major Cities of Kerala State by Population

Kerala is situated in southernmost part of the country. It is aligned to Malabar Coast along with several other states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc and Lakshadweep Sea & Western Ghats at the other end. Kerala has several tourist attraction places like- palaces, religious institutions, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, mountain ranges, backwaters, waterfalls, beaches, ancient ports. 
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