UPSC CDS II Officers Training Academy OTA 2014 Question Paper Download PDF

Union Public Service Commission UPSC every year conducts a recruitment exam through which candidates are selected to serve our nation. Well most of the candidates are searching for the UPSC CDS Officer Training Academy OTA question papers so that they can prepare & practice previous year question papers. You are on right page we have presented OTA II 2014 question paper in which generally only two subjects are there English & General Knowledge. Download link is given below open it & download.

Look at the underlined part of each sentence & there will be better substitutes given below in order to improve sentences.

Question1. I think his feet are bigger than any boy in town.

  1. His feet are bigger than many boys in town
  2. His feet are bigger than no boys in town
  3. His feet are bigger than any other boys in town
  4. No Improvement

Question2. I haven’t hardly studied for this examination.

  1. Hardly I have studied
  2. I have hardly studied
  3. Not hardly I have studied
  4. No Improvement

Question3. As you look across the street, lighted windows can be seen.

  1. You saw lighted windows
  2. Lighted windows may be seen
  3. You can see lighted windows
  4. No Improvement

Question4. Born of poor, illiterate farm workers Lincoln rose to become the president of USA.

  1. Raised to become
  2. Arose to become
  3. Risen to become
  4. No Improvement

Question5. The teacher taught the studies that the moon goes round the earth.

  1. The moon went round the earth.
  2. The moon is going round the earth
  3. The moon has gone round the earth
  4. No Improvement

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Which word is nearly opposite to the meaning of the original word?

Question6. Fresh

  1. Laden
  2. Soft
  3. Sour
  4. Stale

Question7. Timid

  1. Bold
  2. Bashful
  3. Nervous
  4. Soft

Question8. Create

  1. Destroy
  2. Envy
  3. Satisfy
  4. Begin

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