GGSIPU Common Entrance Test (CET) Sample Papers For Exam Preparation

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University or GGSIPU CET Sample Question Papers are the best source for exam preparation. It is important to study well for the GGSIPU exam because there are many applicants who actually wish to get into the university. So, being a high weightage competitive paper it is important to prepare at best level for the exam. Below are some IPU CET Sample Questions given as per which you can improve the level of studies.

Question1. Which of the following conclusions is correct regarding a stationary body?

  1. No force is acting on the body
  2. The body is in vacuum
  3. The forces acting on the body do not constitute a couple
  4. Vector sum of forces acing on the body is zero

Question2. Two electron beams are moving parallel in space but in opposite directions; then

  1. They will attract each other
  2. None of these
  3. They will repel each other
  4. No interaction will take place

Question3. When horse starts running all of a sudden, the rider on the horse back falls backward because

  1. He is taken aback
  2. Due to inertia of rest, the upper part of his body remains at rest
  3. Due to inertia of motion, the lower part of his body comes in motion
  4. He is afraid

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Question4. The idea that most of the mass of an atom is concentrated in a very small core, i.e., nucleus is given by

  1. Amedo Avogadro
  2. Rutherford
  3. Bohr
  4. Henery Mosley

Question5. Which of the following is not true in linear programming problem?

  1. A column in the simplex table that contains all of the variables in the solution is called pivot or key column.
  2. A basic solution which is also in the feasible region is called a basic feasible solution.
  3. A surplus variable is a variable subtracted from the left hand side of a greater than or equal to constraint to convert it into equality.
  4. A slack variable is a variable added to the left hand side of a less than or equal to constraint to convert it into an equality.

Question6. A parallel plate capacitor is charged by connecting its plates to the terminals of a battery. The battery remains connected and a glass plate is interposed between the plates of the capacitor, then

  1. The charge on plates will be reduced
  2. The charge on plates will increase
  3. The potential difference between the plates of the capacitor will be reduced
  4. The potential difference between the plates of the capacitor will increase

The answers of all the above questions can be achieved from below given files. Download IP University CET Sample/ model Question Papers and practice them.

GGSIPU CET Previous Year Question Papers DOWNLOAD

Sample Paper 1 Sample Paper 2 Sample Paper 3 Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 5 Sample Paper 6 Sample Paper 7



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