Gujarat 10th Board Social Science (English Medium) Previous Ques Papers PDF

Gujarat Class 10th English Medium Social Science Paper is being scheduled in the month of March every year. The exam question paper is being set up in English language.

The examination paper is set up into 2 parts-

1st part is of 50 marks in which there will be 50 questions each of 1 mark.

The sample of the questions that will be asked in the question paper is-

Q: Which of the languages is not among the Dravidian group of languages?

  1. Telugu
  2. Malayalam
  3. Kannada
  4. Bengali

Part B of the question Paper details-

  • Total marks of this part are 50.
  • There will be 4 sections
  • Total 18 questions will be given
  • Section A: Each question of 2 marks and the answers have to be given in 3-4 lines only. There will be 5 questions in this section.
  • Section B: 2 marks questions from the course of Social Studied which is the part of the syllabus. There will be 5 questions in total
  • Section C: 5 questions which will be 3 mark each in which around 8-10 lines have to be written.
  • Section D: 3 questions of five mark each in the question paper will be present in this section.

NOTE: Question No. 18 is MAP problem but for blind candidates the asked the questions in place of map filling.

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The education in Gujarat state is accomplished by the Gujarat Secondary and High Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB). The board issues syllabus and curriculum will be given to the school authorities so that the students can be taught at the best level. Text books are being recommended for the preparation of the examinations. There are around 7 Lakh students every year who give the 10th Board paper.

GSEB 10th Social Science 2011 March PDF

GSEB 10th Social Science 2011 July PDF

GSEB 10th Social Science 2012 March PDF

GSEB 10th Social Science 2012 July PDF

GSEB 10th Social Science 2013 PDF




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