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IBPS Specialist officer SO HR Officer Previous year Question papers are the most important thing to be searched and brought into best practice before the exam. In search of IBPS SO HR Officer Previous papers, you reached at the correct place. Here,  the questions are provided which will provide best of knowledge for exam. So, practice them and try to learn more and more from them as this will help you in best possible manner in examination. IBPS SO HR Officer paper has to be taken seriously and so the preparations are to be keeping an aim to complete the course in efficient way.

Question1. If it is possible to form a three-digit number which is the perfect square of a two-digit odd number with the third, fifth and the eight digits of the number 532784691, which of the following will be the second digit of that two-digit odd number? If more than one such number can be formed, give @ as the answer and if no such number can be formed, give © as the answer.

1) 1

2) 7

3) 9

4) @

5) ©

Question2. The position of the first and the fifth digits in the number 89123647 are interchanged. Similarly/the positions of the second and the sixth digits are interchanged, and so on: Which of the following will be the fourth digit from the right end after the rearrangement?

1) 9

2) 1



5) None

Question3. Which of the following statements best describes Human Resource Management?

1) It is a set of policies, practices & programme designed to achieve both personal and organizational goals

2) It is the is the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement of human resources


3) It is the development, compensation, integration, maintenance and reproduction of human resources

4) It is an extension of general management

5) All of the above

Question4. Under Human Resource Management, what are the functions of Personnel managers?

1) Placing the right man on the right job

2) Orientation of new employees

3) Administering various employee benefit programmers

4) Training employees on the Job

5) All of the above

Question5. Why has Human resource management become very significant in recent decades?

1) Proportion of women in the workforce

2) Growth of powerful nationwide trade unions.

3) Widening scope of legislation designed to protect the interests of the working class.

4) Revolution in information technology that might affect the work force

5) All of these

IBPS Professional Knowledge for HR Officer Previous papers-

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