JKCET Sample Question Papers for Physics Model Papers

Jammu & Kashmir CET papers will contain the questions from the different sections of Physics. JKCET Physics Sample Question Papers are the best source to start your preparation for exam. For all candidates who are giving JKCET exam, you can start your practice for exam the different kinds of question papers. The sample questions can be part of exam this year, although its just the probability but it can be turned true anytime.
Sample Question 1- A rocket is fired from inside a deep mine, so as to escape the earth’s gravitational field. The minimum velocity to be imparted to the rocket is-

  1. Exactly the same as the escape velocity of the fire from earth’s surface
  2. A little more than the escape velocity of fire from earth’s surface
  3. A little less than the escape velocity of fire from earth’s surface
  4. Infinity

Sample Question 2- The correct order of arrangement of electromagnetic waves according to their wavelength is-

  1. Gamma rays < Micro waves < AM radio waves < FM radio waves
  2. Micro waves < AM radio waves < FM radio waves < Gamma rays
  3. Gamma rays < AM radio waves < FM radio waves < Micro waves
  4. Gamma rays < Micro waves < FM radio waves < AM radio waves


All the questions along with answers can be checked from given PDF files below. You can start your practice for questions daily so that you have good hands on in Physics. JKCET Model Papers for Physics covers the questions from almost all topics of the exam.

Stay tuned with us for all updates and you can also refer the questions from different subjects. Also you can link with us on social media to stay updated.


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