MP B.Ed Entrance Exam 2015 Syllabus & Pattern What To Study?

Madhya Pradesh Vyavsayik Pareeksha Mandal conducts the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Entrance Test 2015 syllabus & scheme is being described below as per which the exam preparations can be done. MP Vyapam B.Ed. Test Pattern & Scheme can help to prepare for exam in better way. It is important exam for many candidates and so the exam is an important competitive paper for which the preparations are to be done in best way.

MP B.Ed Exam Pattern: A written test is scheduled which includes-

  • General Mental Ability (30 Marks)
  • General Awareness (20 Marks)
  • General Hindi & English (20 Marks)
  • Teaching Aptitude (30 Marks)

Total Time Provided for exam is 2 Hours

Syllabus for MP B.Ed Exam:

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General Mental Ability: The questions will be based on relationship, Analogies, Numerical ability, Odd man out, Letter series, Code language, Hidden figures, Mathematical operations, non- verbal reasoning & verbal reasoning

General Hindi: The questions will be based on the simple concepts of Hindi which includes the topics such as-

  • रचना- प्रतिवेदन, आदेश, ज्ञापन, अधिसूचना, परिपत्र, अनुस्मारक, पृष्ठांकन
  • मुहावरे तथा लोकोक्तियाँ, अर्थ एवं प्रयोग
  • गद्यांश एवं अवबोध प्रश्न
  • व्याकरण- स्वर, व्यंजन, अयोगवाह, अनुनासिक, अनुस्वार, संज्ञापद, सर्वनाम, विशेषण, क्रिया विशेषण , समास – रचना एवं प्रकार, संधि, वाक्य रचना के प्रकार , कारण- कार्य सम्बन्ध, अनुक्रम, व्याकरणिक अशुद्धियाँ
  • शब्द बोध- शब्द रचना, शब्द प्रकार – तत्सम, तद्भव, देशज, विदेशी, संकर, नवनिर्मित, शब्दार्थ, अशुद्धि संसोधन, हिंदी के पारिभाषिक एवं तकनीकी शब्द, पारिभाषिक शब्द निर्माण के आधार पर, पारिभाषिक शब्द – प्रशासनिक, मानविकीय, वाणिज्यिक
  • मानक भाषा – स्वरूप एवं लक्षण
  • वाक्य रचनागत अशुद्धियों की पहचान

General English: Simple and Compound Sentences, Type of Clauses, Transformation of Sentences, Tenses, Voice, Narration, Modals, Verbs, Tag Questions, Propositions, Prefixes and Suffixes, Synonyms and Antonyms, Comprehension

General Awareness: The questions will be asked from Indian History, Indian Cultural Development, Historical events, Political Science, Constitution, Economics issues, Geography related questions, natural resources, General Science questions from health & hygiene section, Current Affairs and Sports news

Teaching Aptitude:  The questions are based on professional level.


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