NDA Written Exam Syllabus in Hindi PDF Download

NDA SyllabusNDA Exam contains 2 papers- Paper I for Mathematics and Paper II for General Studies. UPSC NDA Exam Syllabus will help you to achieve your aims through NDA EXAM. The syllabus course for each paper is discussed below- For Paper 1 (Mathematics)- The chapters include:

  1. Algebra (Concept of Sets, venn Diagrams, Cartesian Product, Representation of Real Numbers, Complex Nos, Binary System, Binomial Theorem, Logarithmics)
  2. Trigonometry (Angles with measures, ratios, functions)
  3. Analytical Geometry (Rectangular Cartesian Coordinate System, Distance Formula, Direction ratios, forms of Parabola ellipse hyperbola)
  4. Matrices & determiners (Types, operations, determinant, adjoints, inverse)
  5. Differential Calculus (Concept of real valued function, continuity of functions, second order derivatives, applications of derivatives)
  6. Vector Algebra (Vectors in 1 or 2 dimensions, magnitude & direction of vector, Unit vectors, vector product, cross product, scalar product)
  7. Statistics (Classification of data, frequency districution, cumulative frequency districution, histogram, pie chart, measures of central tendency, standard deviation)
  8. Probability (Random experiment, outcomes, events, mutually exclusive & exhaustive events, union & intersection, elementary theorems, bayes theorem)

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Part II (General Ability test)- The subjects will include-

  1. English
  2. General Knowledge

The General Knowledge exam will have some sections which will include-

  1. Physics (Physical Properties, States of Matter, mass, Weight, Volume, Density, Motion of Objects, Effects of Heat, Sound Waves and properties, Magnets properties, electricity)
  2. Chemistry (Physical & Chemical Changes, Elements, Mixtures & Compounds, Symbols, Formulae, Properties of Air & water, Properties of gases, acids bases salts, fertilizers)
  3. General Science (Life cells, Food, Epidemics, Solar System, Reproduction)
  4. History (Indian Constitution, 5 Year plans of India, Panchayati raj, Mahatma Gandhi Teachings)
  5. Geography (Earth, ocean Currents & tides, Atmosphere, Climate, Vegetation, mineral & power Resources, Sea Ports)
  6. Current Events



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