Networking Questions and Answers for Freshers IT Officers PDF

Networking interview questions and answers for IT officerComputer Networks Questions and Answers

Q1: What is a Network? Explain the term “Networking”.

A: In terms of computer science, network is a collection of two or more computer connected together is a Network. For Example- LAN, WAN, MANs. Networking is a process in which computing devices are connected logically and physically for sharing data with each other.

Q2: What is a Link?

  • In networking, Link is a channel over which data can be transmitted or we can also say that link is physical connection between two or more points.
  • In web, we can create link in various websites by using a hypertext through which we can give reference to any other multimedia. It is created by anchor tag in HTML.

Q3: Define Node?

A: Node is the smallest unit and it is connection point through which connection and data transmission is possible. Different devices connect together through a node and it can be your computers, mobile phones.

Q4: What is Gateway and Router?

A: Gateway: A device through which two different devices connect with each other. Earlier gateway was a different device but now days it is embedded with routers.


Routers: It is layer 3 (Network) devices used to connect two or more network together and it forward data packets between them.

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Q5: What is point to point link?

A: It is a wire or any connection medium which connects only two computers. It is opposite to topologies as here only two circuits are connected.

Q6: What is multiple access?

A: It is also called as Channel Access Method in which several devices are connected to same medium and then share the data. This method is totally dependent on the multiplexing. There are four types of Channel Access Schemes-

  • FDMA- Frequency Division Multiple Access
  • TDMA- Time Division Multiple Access
  • CDMA- Code Division Multiple Access
  • SDMA- Space Division Multiple Access

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