UPSC ESE Electronics & Telecommunications Paper I Previous Papers

UPSC Engineering Services Examination (ESE) Electronics & Telecommunication Stream General Ability Test is being conducted through 2 papers. The Paper 1 sample questions are given below-

A Piece of writing paper that is 10 cm wide, 15cm long and 0.05 mm thick has a dielectric strength of 8 KV/ M. If it is placed between two copper plates and subjected to an increasing voltage, it will break down at

  • 8 kV
  • 4 kV
  • 4 kV
  • 8 kV

If the drift velocity of holes under a field gradient of 200 V/m is a field 100 m/s, their mobility in SI units is?

  • 5
  • 05
  • 50
  • 500

Hall Effect is useful for the measurement of a semiconductor’s

  • Mobility, carrier concentration and temperature
  • Type (n-type or p-type), conductivity and temperature
  • Type (n-type or p-type), mobility and carrier concentration
  • Mobility, conductivity and temperature

Prepare The questions of these kind and you will be able to get good marks in exam.

The relative values of the forward conduction voltage for a p-n conduction voltage diode, a red LED and a Schottky barrier diode are

  1. Schottky voltage drop > p-n junction diode drop > red LED drop
  2. Red LED drop > p-n junction diode drop > Schottky voltage drop
  3. p-n junction diode drop > Schottky voltage drop > Red LED drop
  4. Schottky voltage drop > Red LED drop > p-n junction diode drop


A freewheeling diode in a phase controlled rectifier

  1. Improves the line power factor
  2. Is responsible for additional reactive power
  3. Prevents inverse operation
  4. Is responsible for additional harmonics

Practice the questions of above kind to score really good marks in the exam paper. The E&T Exam paper is all based on the questions from electronics field. Below are the given previous year papers of UPSC E&T which can be brought into best practice. The Electronics & Tele Communication Syllabus for UPSC Exam is based on the course studied in Engineering field.


Paper 1

Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4
                                                                       CONVENTIONAL TYPE
Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

Paper 4

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