UPTU Sample/Model Question Papers For B.Tech Entrance Exam

UPSEE UPTU B.Tech Entrance Exam is the important competitive paper for all the candidates who wish to go for B.Tech as their career in UPTU. UPTU B.Tech Entrance Sample Papers are provided which can be used to prepare for the exam. The sample papers for the exam preparation are the best course material. Because they contain the questions type which can be asked in the exam. Practice the questions which are given below and find their solutions given in the files provided below.

Question1. To break a wire of 1mm radius, a force of 10 N is required. To break a wire of 3mm radius, the required force will be

(A) 30 N

(B) 90 N

(C) 10/3 N

(D) 10/9 N

Question2. For a ring, disc, solid sphere and spherical shell of same mass and same radius, in which case the moment of inertia about the axis passing through the centre will be maximum?

(A) Disc

(B) Ring

(C) Spherical shell

(D) Sphere

Question3. A body at rest breaks into two pieces of equal masses. The parts will move

(A)   In same direction

(B) Along different lines

(C) In opposite directions with equal speeds

(D) in opposite directions with unequal speeds

Question4. A thin lens has focal length f, and its aperture has diameter d. It forms an image of intensity I. Now the central part of the aperture up to diameter d/2 is blocked by an opaque paper. The focal length and image intensity will change to

(A) f/2 and I/2

(B) f and I/4

(C) 3f/4 and I/2

(D) f and 3I/4

Question5. Light appears to travel in straight line because


(A) It is not absorbed by the atmosphere

(B) Its wavelength is very small

(C) Its speed is very high

(D) It is reflected by the upper part of the atmosphere

Question6. An ideal gas is allowed to expand freely against vacuum in a rigid insulated container. The gas undergoes

(A) Increase in its internal energy

(B) Decrease in temperature

(C) Decrease in its internal energy

(D) Neither increase nor decrease in temperature or internal energy

Question7. A catalyst increases the rate of reaction by:

(A) Lowering the energy of the reacting particles

(B) Providing an alternative path for reaction with lowered activation energy

(C) Increasing the energy of the reacting particles

(D) Providing an alternative path for reaction with increased activation energy

Question8. Schottky defect in crystals is observed when:

(A) Unequal number of cations and anions are missing from the lattice

(B) Equal number of cations and anions are missing from the lattice

(C) An ion leaves its normal site and occupies an interstitial site

(D) Density of the crystal is increased

Practice the questions of different subjects and then you can score well in the exam.

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