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VITEEE exam papers to prepare in much better way for the exam. VITEEE Previous Year Question Papers are provided to the candidates from which it is possible to know the way the questions are asked in the exam. VITEEE is the competitive paper in which many number of applicants appear. So, it is important to prepare the paper in a well efficient manner. Download VITEEE old Papers with Solutions for free and practice them to score good in the exam.

The questions asked in the VITEEE exam are of the below kind from the different subjects. So, study well for the exam and try to score the best.

Question1. The Half-life of radioactive element is 8 days. The fraction left after 19 days will be:

  1. 124
  2. 062
  3. 093
  4. 031

Question2. Radar waves are sent towards a moving airplane and the reflected waves are received. When the airplane is moving towards the radar, the wavelength of the wave.

  1. Decreases
  2. Increases
  3. Remains the same
  4. Sometimes increases and decreases

Question3. The output stage of a television transmitter is most likely to be a:

  1. Plate modulated class c amplifier
  2. Grid modulated class c amplifier
  3. Screen modulated class c amplifier
  4. Grid modulated class a amplifier

Question4. Rising and setting sun appears to be reddish because:

  1. Diffraction sends red rays the earth at these times
  2. Scattering due to dust particles and air molecules are responsible
  3. Refraction is responsible
  4. Polarization is responsible

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Question5. A photo-sensitive material would emit electrons, if excited by photons beyond a threshold. To overcome the threshold, one would increase the:

  1. Voltage applied to the light source
  2. Intensity of light
  3. Wavelength of light
  4. Frequency of light

Question6. Which phenomenon best supports the theory that matters has wave nature?

  1. Electron momentum
  2. Electron diffraction
  3. Photon momentum
  4. Photon diffraction

Question7. The Reverse saturation of p-n diode

  1. Depends on doping concentrations
  2. Depends on the diffusion lengths of carriers
  3. Depends on the doping concentration and diffusion lengths
  4. Depends on the doping concentration, diffusion length and device temperature

Question8. The resistance of a metal increases with increasing temperature because

  1. The collisions of the conducting electrons with electrons increase
  2. The collisions of the conducting electrons with the lattice consisting of the ions of the metal increase
  3. The number of the conduction electrons decrease
  4. The number of conduction electrons increase
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