List of Indian Apparel Industry & Brands

There are several Indian Apparel brands which have been launched in India and are quite famous. There are several things being launched by each brand like- jeans, tops, skirts, bags, footwears, glasses, perfumes etc. There are several things in market which can be compared among many brands and can be selected as per choice. So, […]

List of Indian Airlines- Government & Private Companies

There are different types of airlines in India which have different purpose and aim. There are different PSUs, private airlines and some listed aviation companies. List of Indian Airlines Jet Airways Jet Airways has its main headquarters in Mumbai and is the second largest airline of India. It covers approx. 65 destinations worldwide. It starts […]

Books for General Knowledge In Hindi & English

General knowledge is the concept which requires many subject and information around daily tasks which are happening in our day to day life. General knowledge is the part of many competitive exams and all candidates must have to attempt this part to clear their competitive exams. General knowledge part is compulsory part in competitive exams […]

List of African Countries & Capitals

List of African Countries With Capitals In Africa, there are 50+ countries in which people live and take the advantage of the particular city. Africa is one of big continent in world and is known for different geographic locations and cultures. The alphabetical list of countries present in Africa are given below in the table. […]

List of Countries In World With Their Continents

List of Countries with Capital and Continent The complete list of countries in World along with their continents are given in table below. Each belong to some continent by which the state is being represented as, Country Continent Algeria Africa Angola Africa Benin Africa Botswana Africa Burkina Faso Africa Burundi Africa Cameroon Africa Cape Verde […]

All Countries Names List With Capital

List of Countries With Capitals The complete list of countries along with their capitals are given in table below. There are around 197 countries in World as per the updated records and all of them with their capital regions are detailed below. Largest Country of World- Russia Smallest Country of World- Vatican Country Capital Afghanistan […]

List of All Countries In World

There are total 196 countries in world present in different continents. Each country of world has some or the other feature, specialty, language, currency, history, culture, geographic conditions etc. In table below, all the list of countries are displayed. List of Countries in World Afghanistan Denmark Macedonia (FYROM) Albania Djibouti Madagascar Algeria Dominica Malawi Andorra […]