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Books for General Knowledge In Hindi & English

General knowledge is the concept which requires many subject and information around daily tasks which are happening in our day to day life. General knowledge is the part of many competitive exams and all candidates must have to attempt this part to clear their competitive exams. General knowledge part is compulsory part in competitive exams […]

Best Python Books For Preparation- Beginners Intermediate Expert Level

Python is widely used high level programming languages for common purpose developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Python is object oriented, imperative, functional, procedural and reflective language. Developer of Python language is python software foundation. User can learn lot about python in the internet, Python tutorial, computer institution or academy. Large numbers of python […]

Top Books for FMGE Exam Preparation 2019

Foreign medical graduate examination known as FMGE is conducted by national board examination (NBE). This is exam is conducted to allow the citizens of India to practice medicine in India who have medical degree from the foreign colleges and having foreign medical qualifications. This examination is held twice a year, once in June and the […]