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Best Books For UPSC IAS 2019 Civil Services Preparation

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the Civil Service Examination conduct by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), India. IAS is one of the hardest competitive examinations to the aspirants to recruit the skillful and talented officers to take on the officers for All India Administrative Civil Services. Indian Administrative Service is the highest post among 24 […]

How to Study For GRE Best Books For All Topics

GRE commonly known as Graduate Record Examination which is conducted by ETS (educational Testing Service) created in 1949. This is a standardised test which is held for the aspirants who want to take admission in the graduate schools of the United States. The purpose of the GRE is the admission in the doctoral and masters […]

Top List of Books On Ruby on Rails For Learning

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework in which server side web application framework is written in Ruby whereas Rails is a model or controller framework providing default structures of databases, a web service etc. It is the combination of Ruby and Rails programming language with JavaScript, HTML etc. for the creation of web […]

How to Prepare For Angular JS Best List of Books

Angular Java Script is the Java script frame work which is used for creating web applications. Angular JS was designed by Google. It can be used to an HTML page as template language to extend HTML syntax. Angular JS is designed for structure frame work in dynamic web applications Using Java Script in your applications […]

Books for General Knowledge In Hindi & English

General knowledge is the concept which requires many subject and information around daily tasks which are happening in our day to day life. General knowledge is the part of many competitive exams and all candidates must have to attempt this part to clear their competitive exams. General knowledge part is compulsory part in competitive exams […]

Top 10 Best Books To Learn Portuguese Language PDF

Portuguese language is an official language in Portugal and it is also co-official language in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau in China. It is the third most spoken language after English and Spanish in whole world. The Portuguese language sounds like music and people enjoy to listen it. Portugese Best Books Portuguese language is […]