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How to Study Android List of Best Books to Learn Android

Android is the mobile operating system which is developed based on Linux Kernel by Google. Android was mainly designed for mobile phone touch screen such as smart phones and tablets. Google developed Android TV for televisions, Android wear for wrist watches and Android auto for cars. Android is written in JAVA, C and C++ coding […]

Best Books For Hadoop Preparation List With Authors PDF

Hadoop is an open source database related programming framework which handles datasets. Hadoop is used to store, analyze and process the datasets which are huge in volume. Hadoop framework is written in java. It is not used for managing database online which means it is not OLAP (Online Analytical Processing). It is used to manage […]

Best Books for IELTS Exam Preparation Course Material

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. IELTS is the standard test which is given by non native English speakers. In this test, authorities check many skills of test seekers such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Score card validity of IELTS test is only for two years still candidates are too interested to […]

Best Books To Learn German For All Levels of All Time

There are many languages that people across the world are learning. So, one should not forget learning German as well. It is soon gaining popularity and people have started to learn it with great interest. There are different ways to learn it and thus it is better that you adopt the proper way to learn […]