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Sahitya Akademi Award Winners In English Language

Sahitya Akademi is a India‚Äôs national Academy of Letters which offers the award to all outstanding writers. The Sahitya Academy award is the honor to the writers which have provided an extra value to the writing in India. This award is given in all languages differently. The winners of Sahitya Akademi Award are- Sahitya Akademi […]

Rajya Sabha Members State Wise- GK Study

List of Members of Rajya Sabha The present Rajya Sabha has 245 members where the maximum people can be 250. Out of 245, total elected people by state assembly are 233 and rest are nominated by President. There is detailed list of Rajya Sabha members given in table below as per the state. List of […]

All Countries Names List With Capital

List of Countries With Capitals The complete list of countries along with their capitals are given in table below. There are around 197 countries in World as per the updated records and all of them with their capital regions are detailed below. Largest Country of World- Russia Smallest Country of World- Vatican Country Capital Afghanistan […]

List of Sahitya Akademi Award Winners For Hindi

Sahitya Academy Award winners for 1955- 2017 is listed in the table below which can be referred for the better knowledge of awardees. The people in literary world who are extraordinary in their work go long ahead. Sahitya Akademi Award For Hindi will include the writers who have written well Hindi books. Award Winners for […]