CBSE Class 10th IT Sample Model Question Paper PDF Download

CBSE Sample Papers for IT are provided below which you can practice for the exam. In exam, the questions are asked from IT field and the paper is of 70 marks. CBSE 10th IT Sample papers will surely help you for exam preparation. IT subject for Class 10th has defined curriculum which is only asked in the exam. The questions such as below are some examples that have been asked in the exam paper. Such questions you can refer from your text books as well.

Q1: Name the following-

  • The stored information that allow a visited website to store its own information about a user on the user’s computer
  • A program that replicates itself. A computer virus attaches itself to a program or file to help it spread from one computer to another.
  • It refers to computer software that is provided usually for free but contains advertisements.

Q2: What is the correct HTML for inserting an image?

  • <imagesrc=”image.gif” alt=”MyImage” >
  • <imghref=”image.gif” alt=”MyImage” >
  • <imgsrc=”image.gif” alt=”MyImage” >
  • <img alt=”MyImage”>image.gif</img>

The answers of the questions can be checked in the PDF given below, please download it and practice more questions. For all set of question paper, please download PDF from below and practice the complete set of questions. These will surely help you to score excellent in the exam because then you will know how to answer the questions in the exam. CBSE 10th IT Mock papers will give you a medium where you can easily know the type of questions that will be asked in the exam.

For any kind of queries/ suggestions, please write us in comment section so that we can answer the questions you have. Just stay tuned with so that you have all the CBSE 10th board sample papers and you can practice them.

CBSE 10th IT Sample Papers PDF

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