Sample Paper Of Social Science For Class 10 CBSE with Answers

CBSE 10th Social Science sample papers will contain the questions from History, Geography & civics section. The students of Class 10 can study well and the practice the questions from the defined syllabus of CBSE. Some questions are given below which can be practiced and the answers of these can be checked from the below given PDFs. These files can be downloaded and saved in your system.

CBSE Class 10 SST Model papers have the questions which have been asked in the exam or the ones which can be asked in the examination. All the students can make sure that they practice ample number of questions before the exam.

Q1: 3 features A, B & C are marked on given outline political map of India, identify these features with the help of following information and write their correct names near the features-

  • An nuclear plant located in Rajasthan
  • An iron ore exporting port in west coast
  • A software technological park in Assam

Q2: IN 1834, a customs of union of Zollverin was formed at the initiative of Persia & was joined by most of German states.

  • The union abolished tariff barriers and reduced the number of currencies from over thirty to two.
  • The criterion of network of railways further stimulated mobility
  • A wave of economic nationalism strengthened the wider nationalist sentiments growing at time

Q3: What is meant by the term ‘Challenges to Democracy’? Explain the factors that are involved in the challenges faced by most of democracies of world

Q4: “Democracy” is the kind but not the ideal form of government”. Highlight the draw backs of Democracy which should not take place in democracy if it is a good democracy.

For any kind of queries/ suggestions, please let us know so that we can help you in every possible case.

 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3
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