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CBSE board exams are often held in the month of March- April every year. The examinations are meant for all the CBSE board students. The board papers are being prepared in respect to the syllabus of the physics subject. CBSE 12th Physics Sample Papers are provided so that each student can study and practice the questions which have been the part of board exams earlier. CBSE physics class 12 Sample Papers with solutions will provide you the best idea to prepare the type of questions for the exam.

Q1: State Kirchhoff’s rules. Explain briefly how these rules are justified

Q2: i) Monochromatic light of frequency 6.0 * 1014 Hz is produced by laser. The power emitted is 2 * 10-3 Estimate the no. of photons emitted per second on an average by source.

  1. ii) Draw a plot showing the variation of photoelectric current versus the intensity of incident radiation on given photosensitive surface.

Q3: i) How does one demonstrate, using a suitable diagram, that unpolarised light when passed through a Polaroid gets polarized?

  1. ii) A beam of unpolarised light is incident on glass air interface. Show, using a suitable ray diagram, that light reflected from the interface is totally polarized, when u= tan iB, where u is refractice index of glass with respect to air and iB is the Brewster’s angle.

Q4: i) Explain giving reasons, the basic difference in converting a galvanometer into Voltmeter & an Ammeter

  1. ii) Tow long straight parallel conductors carrying steady currents I1 and I2 are separated by distance ‘d. Explain briefly, with the help of suitable diagram, how magnetic field due to one conductor acts on the other. Hence, deduce the expression for the force acting between the two conductors. Mention the nature of this force.

Q5: Draw a labeled ray diagram of reflecting telescope. Mention its 2 advantages over the refracting telescope.

Q6: How does the angular separation between fringes in single slit diffraction experiment change when the distance of separation between slit and screen is doubled?

CBSE 12th Board Physics Sample Papers 2015 DOWNLOAD

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 Paper 36  Paper 36  Paper 37  Paper 38  Paper 39    

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