Common Law Admission Test CLAT Previous Year Solved Question Papers Download

CLAT is an important exam paper for all Law applicable candidates which has to be given with full sincerity and preparations are to be done in best way possible. Common law Admission test or CLAT Exam Previous Year Question Papers will help to prepare for exam and to improve the weaker sections from the topics included in CLAT syllabus. Download CLAT Previous Question Papers from given links and practice the questions of each kind. CLAT papers contain the questions some like given below-

Some idioms given below are commonly used. Choose the correct meaning for each of the idioms and shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it on the OMR Answer Sheet.

Question1. To give the game away

(a) To lose the game

(b) To give a walk-over in a game

(c) To reveal the secret

(d) To play the game badly

Question2. To cool one’s heels

(a) To close the chapter

(b) To walk on the heels

(c) To kick someone with the heels

(d) To wait and rest for some time

Question3.  Capital market means

(a) Mutual Funds

(b) Money Market

(c) Securities Market

(d) Banking Business

Question4. From which river would the National River Project be started?

(a) Yamuna

(b) Gomti

(c) Ganga

(d) Krishna

Question5. Who is the author of the book “TINDERBOX-The Past and Future of Pakistan”?

(a) Husain Haqqani

(b) Yasmeen Niaz Mohiuddin

(c) Ishrat Husain

(d) M.J. Akbar

Question6. During the academic session 2009-10, in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, the number of students studying Arts, Law and Commerce was in the ratio of 5:6:7. If during the academic session 2010-11 the number of students studying Arts, Law and Commerce increased by 20%, 30% and 40% respectively, what will be new ratio?

(a) 26:42:63

(b) 36:44:73

(c) 26:39:49

(d) 30:39:49

Question7. Rajneetha walks around the circular park in 15 minutes. If she walks at the rate of 5 km/hr, how much distance would she have to travel, at the minimum, to reach the centre of the park from any point on its perimeter?

(a) 100 metre

(b) 200 metre

(c) 250 metre

(d) 300 metre

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