GATE Electrical Engineering EE Syllabus PDF|EE Syllabus for GATE

GATE Electrical Engineering (EE) Syllabus PDFis provided on this article for all the GATE aspirants who have the motives set up in the mind. The candidates who all wish to pursue the M.Tech / PhD courses from the top institutions do give the GATE paper with full preparations. Cracking GATE paper is not tough, it only requires the will power and determination for the exam. The GATE Paper is all covered from the graduation or B.Tech degree course so it becomes a plus point for candidates. They need to study anything new for the exam but they have to revise all the old syllabus.

The GATE EE Syllabus includes the questions from the Engineering Mathematics of Electrical level and also from Electrical engineering field. The candidates can prepare for the best and study all the topics such as given below-

Engineering Mathematics-

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Complex Variables
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Transform Theory
  • Numerical Methods

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Electrical Engineering-

  • Electric Circuits and Fields
  • Signals and Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Power systems
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical and Electronic Measurements
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Power Electronics and Drives

Read all the topics details from the syllabus PDF provided here. Do prepare the aptitude part for the paper so that the questions can be solved out as are asked in the paper. The GATE EE exam can make up the career for the students, so study well and be focused. Practice more and more about GATE questions so as to get the questions can be solved in the GATE exam easily and without any wastage of time.

GATE Electrical Engineering EE Syllabus PDF



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