GATE 2017 Geology and Geophysics (GG) Syllabus PDF Download

GATE Geology and Geophysics (GG) Syllabus

The questions from the Common to geology and Geophysics will include the topics as-

  • Earth & planetary System- Size, Shape, Internal structure
  • Atmosphere & Greenhouse Effect
  • Elements of Seismology
  • Properties of interior of Earth
  • Place tectonics
  • Physical Oceanography

The questions will also come from the part- Weathering, soil formation, glaciers, major stratigraphic divisions of India, coal and petroleum resources of India, ground water Geology, remote sensing, physical basics, gravity applications, electromagnetic, seismic and radiometric prospecting for oil

Geology Part Syllabus-

Crystalsymmetry, crystal chemistry, optical mineralogy, rock forming materials, Igneous rocks, mantle melting models, controlling factors, carbonate rocks, metamorphic and tectonic significance, structure and petrology of sedimentary rocks, stress, strain, material response, brittle and ductile deformation, primary structures, morphology, geomorphic processes, oreminerology, fluid inclusions as an ore genetic tool, coal and petroleum geology, mineral economics, cosmic abundance, meteorites, evolution of earth, thermodynamics, water rock interaction, engineering properties of rocks and soils, rocks as construction materials, tunnels, remote sensing principles, energy sources, satellite images processing

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GATE Geology and Geophysics (GG) Previous year Question paper PDF

Geophysics Questions will be from following topics-

Motion of Earth, gravity field, Clairaut’s theorem, size & shape of Earth, Electrical & magnetic effects of Earth, Paleomagnetism, oceanic and continental lithosphere, plate tectonics, heat flow, upper & lower atmospheric phenomena, scalar and vector potential fields, laplace, Maxwell, cylindrical and spherical polar coordinates, green’s theorem, integral equations, forward and inverse problems of geophysics, Earth’s magnetic field, conduction of electricity through rocks, non- metals, rock forming minerals, concepts of D.C. resistivity measurement, reduction of layers, geophysics inverse problems, backup gilbert method.

Read all the syllabus topics in a very proper manner so as to score really good in the GATE paper.

GATE GG Detailed  Syllabus PDF


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