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Gun Factory Jabalpur Teacher (Primary) Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur Teacher (Primary) recruitment exam is being organized so as to find out the best teachers for the classes of primary stage. Below are Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur Teacher (Primary) exam Pattern Syllabus according to which the candidates can prepare themselves.

Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur Teacher (Primary) Pattern & Syllabus-

Exam pattern- 3 Hours paper which is completely objective type and the subjects included are-

PART I- English & Hindi of 25 Marks each

PART II- Current Affairs, reasoning Ability of 25 Marks each and General Science, General Maths and Environmental Science of 100 marks

NOTE: The PART II of the question paper is only evaluated for the case where PART I is qualified.

GCF Jabalpur Teacher Exam syllabus

Exam Syllabus: For PART I,

English & Hindi: The questions will be asked from articles, determines, verbs, adjectives, voice, speech, letter writing, idioms & phrases, antonyms, synonyms, punctuations, prepositions, vocabulary


Current Affairs: Indian languages, surrounding concepts, new events based on political world, scientific aspects, sports news, surroundings current events, everyday observations

Reasoning: Similarities & Differences, relationship concepts, arithmetic reasoning, verbal reasoning, missing pattern, odd man out, fill in the blanks, coding & decoding, statement conclusion and syllogistic reasoning

General Science: Living World, Natural Vegetation, Indian Space Research Programme, gases & Liquids, Motion, Inertia, Momentum, Distance- Time, Radioactivity, Natural Resources, Green House Effect, Displacement, velocity, Photo synthesis, plant life, natural vegetation, hydrocarbons, chemical & Physical changes, planets

General Maths: Number system, place value, cuboids, cylinder, volume & capacity, surface area of cube, interpretation, open & closed figures, properties of integers, HCF & LCM, general understanding of perimeter, quadrilateral sides, fractions, multiples and factors, composite numbers, radius, Geometry

Environmental Science: National bodies, Democracy, Role of Panchayat and nagarpalikas in education, First Ad, Resources and Development, Transport & Communication, 5 year plans, Cultural Renaissance, Social reformers of India, Natural Calamities, Sex ratio, Density & growth, Population Growth, Human Development indicators, Common Diseases

Read full syllabus of Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur Teacher (Primary) to score good in the exam paper.

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