Best Books For Hadoop Preparation List With Authors PDF

Hadoop is an open source database related programming framework which handles datasets. Hadoop is used to store, analyze and process the datasets which are huge in volume. Hadoop framework is written in java. It is not used for managing database online which means it is not OLAP (Online Analytical Processing). It is used to manage and process offline database. Hadoop is used by Google, Facebook, twitter, Yahoo and many more. Main advantages of using Hadoop are scalable, fast, cost effective and resistant to failure. A person, who is interested to learn Hadoop, should also know that how he can learn Hadoop.

A person must have to know about:

  • Its components
  • Its challenges
  • Benefits
  • How to use it
  • History for open framework

There are number of books which are available for Hadoop learning. Person, who is new to learning, must learn basics first which are specified in beginners’ books for Hadoop. If you are also interested to learn Hadoop at every cost, then you may also watch online tutorials or may join online tutorials classes. You have an idea to make your career in this field then start from beginning and also concentrate on basics so that your base will be strong.

There are number of books for beginning of Hadoop which are listed here:

  • Hadoop for dummies by Dirk Deroos
  • Hadoop – the definitive guide by Tom White
  • Hadoop in action by chuck Lam
  • Hadoop operations by Eric Sammers
  • Hadoop Beginner’s guide by Garry Turkington
  • Map reduce design patterns: building effective algorithms and analytics for Hadoop by Donald Miner
  • Programming Pig by Alan Gates
  • Apache Sqoop cookbook by Kathleen Ting and Jarek Jarcec Cecho
  • Programming Hive by Dean Wampler, Edward capriolo and Jason Rutherglen
  • HBase – the definitive guide by Lars George
  • Using Flume by Hari Shreedharan

Hadoop books for advanced and tech based learning are:

  • Hadoop in practice by Alex Holmes
  • Pro Hadoop by Jason Venner
  • Optimizing Hadoop for map reduce by Khaled Tannir
  • Scaling big data with Hadoop and solr by Hrishikesh Karambelkar
  • Hadoop operations and cluster management cookbook by Shumin Guo
  • Hadoop real world solutions cookbook by Jonathan Owens, Brian Femiano and Jon Lentz
  • Deep learning with Hadoop by Dipayan Dev
  • Hadoop data processing and modeling by Garry Turkington, Tanmay Deshpande and Sandeep Karanth
  • Hadoop security: protecting your big data platform by Ben Spivey, Joey Echeverria
  • Hadoop and Kerberos: the madness beyond the gate by Steve Loughran
  • Elastics search for Hadoop by Vishal Shukla

Person should also have to install frameworks which are required for Hadoop learning and start practice and learning by following above given books. If you are not ready to buy books, then there is other option for having these books which is download e book.

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