IBPS Specialist IT Officer Previous Year Question Papers Download

IBPS Specialist IT Officer Previous Papers

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is the conducting authority for this examination. IBPS conducts Specialist Officer Examination in which huge number of applications is received every year. Candidates looking for IBPS Specialist Officer IT Officer Previous Year Question Paper can download through the link given below. We have also presented some IBPS SO IT Officer questions which you can solve after your preparation. We have combined all the IBPS SO previous year questions in which technical questions, reasoning, general awareness, and aptitude are there. This paper will give an idea about the questions which are asked in the papers & you can plan your preparation accordingly. If you need any help in IBPS SO IT Officer Exam then just comment in the section given below & we hope that you will appreciate our efforts.

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Question1. Which command(s) is (are) used to redefine a column of the table in SQL?

  1. Alter Table
  2. Define Table
  3. Modify Table
  4. All of the these
  5. None of these

Question2. A ___ _contains the smallest unit of meaningful data, so you might call it the basic building block for a data files?

  1. File structures
  2. Records
  3. Fields
  4. Database
  5. None of these

Question3. A set of programs that handle firm’s database responsibilities is called a

  1. Data base Management System (DBMS)
  2. Data Base Processing System (DBPS)
  3. Data Management System (DMS)
  4. All of these
  5. None of these

Question4. Which of the following system program forgoes the production of object code to generate absolute machine code and load it into the physical main storage location from which it will be executed immediately upon completion of the assembly?

  1. Two pass assembler
  2. Load and go assembler
  3. Macro processor
  4. Compiler
  5. None of these

Question5. Early morning after sunrise rajesh was standing in front of his house in such a way that his shadow was falling exactly behind him. He starts walking straight and walks 5 meters he turns to his left and walks 3 meters and again turning to his left walks 2 meters now in which direction is he from his starting point?

  1. South
  2. West
  3. South-east
  4. South-west
  5. North-east

Question6. When a customer opens a Deposit account with the Bank, which one of the following is the status of the Bank?

  1. Debtor
  2. Creditor
  3. Trustee
  4. Beneficiary
  5. None of these

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