IBPS Specialist IT Officer 2021 Study Material/Plan Technical & Aptitude/Reasoning

ibps so it officer study material

IBPS Specialist IT officer 2021 Exam will contain the questions from analytical and technical ends. The applicants of the exam need to make it a point to study well for the exam and to crack it with good scores. The IBPS paper is not a small thing and there is huge competition for the exam. So, each applicant has to prepare well for the exam and for this the sections such as Quantitative Aptitude, English, Reasoning, General Knowledge have to be prepared. In addition, the technical field questions are also to be prepared for exam. The technical Subjects will contain the topics-

ibps so it officer study material

IBPS Specialist 2021 IT Officer Study Material

  1. Networking

Study the basics of networking which includes- Models, Different Types of Cables, basic communication, packets, Domain Name Server, Different Protocols. Refer to the best books of networking so as to get into the field well.

  1. Operating Systems (OS)

Operating Systems is the most common thing being used by people today either in smartphones or in Laptops/ Desktops. So, the basic knowledge of inner part of OS has to be known, how it works, what constitutes it, role of OS etc. are to be studied and focused.

  1. Network Security

Read about the security features of Networking as it is the main part of communication. Security is very important to be studied and study all measures of security.

  1. Hardware Concepts

The concepts of hardware which include the basics of CPU, Motherboard, External USB devices, Hard Disk etc. and all related material are to be studied.

  1. Programming Concepts

The languages such as C, C++, JAVA needs to be on your mind. The questions from programming basics are often asked in exam paper. Practice the programs and code to attain efficiency.

  1. DBMS (Database Management System)

DBMS is the integral part of every organization today. Being an IT officer, knowledge of Databases is mandatory which can be attained from best books of DBMS. The topics from DBMS includes- Relations, Basic SQL Commands, Triggers, Cursors, Functions, Algebra etc.

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