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Jammu & Kashmir CET Physics Previous Question Papers are provided here for the exam preparations. Previous Papers JKCET Physics will help you to know what kind of questions come in exam and how they are to be prepared. Some questions are provided below and they have been part of exam once. Below are some questions provided for your reference as per which you can know what kind of preparations are to be done for the exam. JKCET Previous papers for Physics can be attained from below then.

Q1: The transfer characteristic of a base biased transistor has the operations regions, namely, cut-off, active region and saturation region. For using the transistor as an amplifier it has to operate in the:

  1. Active region
  2. Cutoff region
  3. Saturation region
  4. Cutoff & saturation

Q2: The rate of loss of heat of a body is directly proportional to the difference of temperature ofbosy and the surroundings. This statement is known as-

  1. Stefan’s Law
  2. Wien’s Law
  3. Newton’s Law of Cooling
  4. Kirchhoff’s Law

Q3: A constant torque of 3.14 Nm is exerted on a pivoted wheel. If the angular acceleration of wheel is 4pi rad/s2, then what is the moment of inertia of wheel?

  1. 0.25 kg m2
  2. 2.5 kg m2
  3. 4.5 kg m2
  4. 25 kg m2

Q4: A batsman hits back a ball straight in the direction of bowler without changing the initial speed of 12 /s. If the mass of ball is 0.15 kg the impulse imparted to the ball is:

  1. 36 NS
  2. 3.6 NS
  3. 0.36 NS
  4. 0.036 NS

Q5: The modulation is the process in which the-

  1. Modulating signal is set y antenna in the air
  2. Carrier signal is sent by antenna in the air
  3. Modulated signal is formed by mixing of modulating signal with carrier signal is sent by antenna
  4. Modulated signal formed by the mixing of modulating signal with carrier signal isreceived by receiver antenna

Q6: The value of acceleration sue to gravity at the surface of Earth-

  1. Is maximum at poles
  2. Is maximum at equator
  3. Remains constant everywhere on surface of earth
  4. Is maximum at international timeline

Q7: A solid cylinder of mass 30Kg rotates about its axis with an angular speed of 50 rad/s. What is the K.E. associated with the rotation of cylinder, If the radius of cylinder is 0.30m?

  1. 1500.5  J
  2. 1687.5  J
  3. 2000.7  J
  4. 1350.0  J
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