Combined Competitive Preliminary Exam Agriculture Old Papers JKPSC

Jammu & Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) is the recruitment agency of the state and before it there was none in the state. JKPSC is the main recruiting body now in the state and works for the selection of the candidates from different areas. The best talented and eligible candidates for Civil services and Civil posts are filtered through an examination in the state.

JKPSC Combined Competitive Exam for Agriculture (Preliminary Stage) is conducted in which there are total 120 questions for which the answers to be marked in the OMR sheet provided separately. The candidates of the agriculture field can download Papers of JKPSC CCE (Pre) Agriculture from below on this page.

The JKPSC CCE (Prelims) exam Agriculture sample questions which are seen in the exam paper are-

Q1: The row to row distance of spreading type groundnut crop should be-

  1. 30 cm
  2. 55cm
  3. 45 cm
  4. 20 cm

Q2: Mineralization of Nitrogen Refers to the conversion of-

  1. Organic form into inorganic form
  2. Inorganic form into organic form
  3. Organic form to nitrogenous compounds
  4. All of these

Q3: Which of the following is not method of group communication?

  1. Conferences
  2. Field trips
  3. Farm and Home visits
  4. National demonstrations

Q4: By which of the following treatment, the wilt disease of gram crop can be controlled?

  1. Deep Ploughing and late sowing
  2. Treating seeds with fungicides
  3. BHC
  4. All of These

Download JKPSC CCPE Agriculture Previous papers and get fully practiced for the exam paper. Solve the papers and practice them at best level to get the good score in the examination. Read all the concepts of Agriculture as the questions are based on them. Jammu & Kashmir PSC CCE Agri Exam Papers will surely help to improve upon your preparations so that you can score well in exam.

Question Paper 1

Question Paper 2

Question Paper 3

Question Paper 4

JKPSC CCE (Prelims) Agriculture Previous Question Papers download PDF

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