JKPSC Combined Competitive Prelims Geology Old Papers Download To Prepare

JKPSC CCPE Geology Previous Year Papers are provided here on this page so that the candidates have the ease in solving the exam paper. The capabilities to give the best shot in the examination need to be developed in every candidate so that no chance to score less is being present in the applicants.

The sample questions which are being asked for Geology subject are-

Question 1: In the un-mixing of K-Rich and Na rich phases from alkali feldspar, if the dominant phase is K rich the intergrowth texture is called-

  1. Anti Perthite
  2. Meso Perthite
  3. Perthite
  4. Neoperthite

Question 2: The rocks in overthrust sheets that have travelled many kilometers from their original plane of deposition are said to be-

  1. Allochthonous
  2. Autochthonous
  3. Nappe
  4. Breakaway

Question 3: When ore minerals are prepared throughout the body of host rock the type of deposit is called-

  1. Stratiform
  2. Strarabound
  3. Veintype
  4. Disseminated

Question 4: fracture Filling, Irregular Veins, Replacement bodies are characteristic of-

  1. Magmatic ore bodies
  2. Igneous Ore Deposits
  3. Sedimentary Ore bodies
  4. Hydrothermal Ore bodies

JKPSC CCE (Preliminary) Examination Geology subject papers are being made available below so that the candidates can know what kind of the exam paper will be in front of them. There will be total 120 questions in the exam paper for which 4 choices will be given and 1 has to be marked out of 4.

A separate answer sheet will be given for the examination answers. The candidate needs to mark the answers in that sheet. The question paper has to be covered up completely in the given time. JKPSC CCPE Exam geology Papers download link is provided and the candidates can attain the papers as they require.

Geology Competitive Examination Prelims Papers 1 PDF

Geology CCE Prelims Papers 2 PDF

Geology CCE Prelims Question Papers 3 PDF

Geology JKPSC CCE Papers 4 PDF

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