JKPSC KAS Mechanical Engineering CCPE Previous Question Papers PDF

Jammu & Kashmir PSC Combined Competitive Examination or KAS Mechanical Engineering is one of the subject which is a part of exam. The exam is all about the topics of Mechanical Engineering. The candidates who all are being Mechanical field can download the previous papers so that they can prepare in more better way for the examination. The JKPSC KAS Mechanical Engineering Papers will help you to know the questions weightage from different topics. The paper pattern of the KAS Mechanical Engineer constitutes 120 questions all objective type.

There are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in the paper in which there are 4 choices for each question and the candidates need to mark only 1 answer for each question. JKPSC Combined Competitive Examination for Mechanical Engineering has the questions from different parts of the field. The sample questions of Mechanical Engineering are-

Q1: A body is acted upon by no. of coplanar, non- concurrent forces, it may-

  1. Rotate about itself without moving
  2. Be completely at rest
  3. Moving in one direction and rotating about itself
  4. None of the above

Q2: A ball is dropped from height of 9m on Horizontal floor. If it rebounds to height of 4m striking the floor, the coefficient of restitution between ball and floor is-

  1. ¼
  2. 2/3
  3. 3/2
  4. 4/3

Q3: When 2 elements have surface contact when relative motion takes place and surface of one element slides over surface of other, the pair formed is called-

  1. Higher pair
  2. Force Closed pair
  3. Lower pair
  4. Turing Pair

Q4: A cantilever beam of length ‘l’ carries a uniformly distributed load over whole length. The bending movement diagram will be-

  1. Parabola with maximum ordinate at centre
  2. Parabola with maximum ordinate at cantilever end
  3. Triangle with maximum ordinate at free end
  4. Triangle with maximum ordinate at cantilever end

JKPSC KAS Mechanical Engineering Papers Download PDF 1 PDF 2

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