NATA Model Question Papers With Answers Solved Sample Test

National Aptitude Test In Architecture (NATA) is the very important paper held for architecture candidates every year. There are many ten thousands of students every year which prepare for this exam every year. NATA tests the drawing, observation, thinking, and aesthetic sensitivity of the candidate in architecture field. NATA test registration is done online and the applicants do so to get them eligible for the exam. NATA aesthetic sensitivity sample papers are provided below from which you can prepare well for the exam.

Sample Questions of NATA are written below as per which you can have the idea that what kind of questions are asked in exam.

Q1: A clay vase, a glass vase & a steel vase kept on a table. Sketch them with the appropriate shade & shadow effects considering the light on the right top.

Q2: You are standing in the lobby of a secondary school on first floor. The view you are seeing at has courtyard which is surrounded by class rooms and play area. Draw what u would see.

Q3: An inter school quiz competition is being held in historical school assembly hall. There are two students in each group and there is audience with the quiz master standing in the middle of one side and you are sitting on 2 top row of a side. Sketch what you see

Q4: Imagine your size is 5cm and it is raining where kids are playing with paper boats. There is aboard on which you are sitting; enjoying the ride and the kids are laughing at you. Draw what you see.

Q5: From a balcony of your fourth floor apartment you are looking at a small place of 50 worship surrounded by a garden. It is a busy sunny day. Use an appropriate pencil as a medium and depict it.

Q6: Which word is the synonym of “squalid”?

  1. fervid
  2. pristine
  3. extraneous
  4. abundant

NATA Theory and Practice Sample Questions papers are given below which can be practiced well for the exam. For any kind of queries, please write us in comment section.

NATA Syllabus 2017 DOWNLOAD

Download NATA Sample Papers from below-


THEORY Papers-

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5
Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10

Model + Sample Papers-

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4 Paper 5
Paper 6 Paper 7 Paper 8 Paper 9 Paper 10
Paper 11 Paper 12 Paper 13 Paper 14 Paper 15
Paper 16 Paper 17 Paper 18 Paper 19 Paper 20
Paper 21 Paper 22 Paper 23 Paper 24 Paper 25
Paper 26 Paper 27 Paper 28 Paper 29 Paper 30


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  1. saketh rami reddy

    it’s good with answers in theory section but if you provide answers for drawing section it is very very good

  2. I am not able to download sample papers of Engineering Exams like IP, Manipal, Comet,VIIT,KIIT

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    1. HI Mridul,
      You can view the question papers from the above given links. You might see a dialog box where you need to like us on social media and then you can get access to all the question papers.

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