NIACL Administrative Officer Sample/ Model Papers PDF Download

The New India Assurance Company Limited every year conducts a recruitment exam for Administrative Officer in which graduates take part. Most of the aspirants have confusion how to start preparation of the examination; well we are providing the right solution. You can download NIACL Administrative Officer Sample Paper, so that every candidate is prepared enough to face the examination. In this we have also adjusted some questions from other exams also hope you appreciate our efforts.

NIACL Administrative Officer model question papers not only give idea about the examination but also make you confident that while giving exam you can solve easily that type of questions. While preparing for the examination candidate must check the syllabus and prepare accordingly. Try to solve some of NIACL AO questions given below:-

Choose the word/group of words which is most similar in the meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage.

Ques. Preposterous

1) Believable

2) Cunning

3) Understandable

4) Absurd

5) Accurate

Ques. Fed

1) Told

2) Ate

3) Sentenced

4) Covered

5) Taught

Ques. Cast a spell on

1) Hypnotized

2) Impressed

3) Arrested

4) Caught

5) Cheated

Ques. Sushil walked 15 metres towards South, took a left turn and walked 20 metres again he took a left turn and walked 15 metres. How far and in which direction is he from the starting point ?

(1) 20 metres. West

(2) 20 metres, East

(3) 50 metres, West

(4) 50 metres, East

(5) Data inadequate

Ques. How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 254983 each of which has as many digits/ between them in the number as when the digits are rearranged in descending order within the number?


(2) One

(3) Two

(4) Three

(5) More than three

Choose the word/group of words which is most opposite in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage.

Ques. Innocent

1) Suspicious

2) Clear

3) Intelligent

4) Loyal

5) Guilty

Ques. Dismiss

1) Ignore

2) Overlook

3) Forget

4) Remember

5) Accept

NIACL AO Sample Papers Download Now

Paper1  Paper2  Paper3  Paper4

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  1. I am very much thankful to you Abhi for providing sample papers. Even though it looks simple u did a great job there , i hope we will get some more useful information and updates about NIACL AO exam.
    If it is not too much can you provide relevant information and sample/previous papers for United india assurance AO exam also. . .

    Thanking you once again.

  2. Please provide the NIACL specialist papers especially the technical portion…. Also i would like to know the cutoffs of last year. Reply ASAP.

  3. Thank you abhi sir for sample papers..
    Please provide updated model papers and please provide sample questions for finance profession please..!!

  4. hello sir… thanks a lot… u provided us abmazing material… bt where are the answers… in above four sample papers… only 1 paper is having answers… if its possible plz provide asap…

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