List of 2019 Node.js Books For Beginners & Programmers

Node.js is cross, open source platform which is widely used for developing and running run time environment for java script. Node.js is one of best platform to run server side code for java script. In the node.js, .js is nothing it is only extension for java script. Node.js is not a name of java script file but it is only name for any product. Due to its flexibility and usability, more software companies in the world implemented node.js. It is multi user, real time web based applications which promote concurrent connections. All connections which are made by node.js are fast and efficient. If you are interested for node.js, then should go for its training. It will be beneficial if you take its self training.

There are various methods for self training for node.js. You can join online tutorials and learn from there and practice all tutorials on your system to develop webpage. By following online tutorials, you should also follow books for node.js so that your all concepts will be clear. No need to spend money to buy books from market. On the internet, all node.js are available in e book format, download the book as per your need and follow it to understand and clear your concepts.

List of Books For Node.js

  1. Beginning Node.js by Basarat Ali Syed
  2. JS web development by David Herron
  3. JS design patterns by Mario Cascario
  4. Learning node: moving to the server side by Shelly Powers
  5. Getting mean with Mongo, Express, Angular and Node by Simon Holmes
  6. Programming java script applications robust web architecture with Node, HTML 5, and modern JS libraries by Eric Elliot
  7. js for embedded systems by Patrick Mulder and Kelsey Breseman
  8. Express in action, writing, building and testing Node.js applications by Evan M. Hahn
  9. RESTful API design with Node.js by Valentin Bojinov
  10. Full stack java script development: develop, test and deploy with MongoDB, angular, Express and Node.js on AWS by Eric Bush
  11. What is node by Brett McLaughlin
  12. Professional Node.js: building java script based scalable software by Pedro Teixeira
  13. js the right way: practical, server side java script that scales
  14. Learning node.js: a hands on guide to building web applications in java script by Marc Wandschneider
  15. Smashing node.js: java script everywhere by Guillermo Rauch
  16. The CLI book: writing successful command line clients with Node.js by Robert Kowalski

After learning node.js, you will be able to do following things:

  • Candidates will get knowledge for building fast, lightweight and scalable network applications.
  • They will able to use stream, events, modules and advanced web applications in latest web technologies.
  • Communication with database and advanced network applications will be effective with its advanced features.
  • You will also able to learn debug and test node.js applications.

So, develop your career in node.js by following above given books.

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