Oriental Insurance AO Accounts Sample|Model Question Papers With Solutions

Oriental Insurance Company Limited OICL Administrative Officer exam is being conducted for the generalist/specialist officers post. There are different fields such as Legal, Accounts, Actuaries, Marketing. OICL AO Accounts Sample Papers are provided on this page for all the applicants can prepare well for the exam. Oriental insurance Accounts Sample Question Papers will guide you what type of questions are asked in the exam. Model Question Papers for OICL AO Accounts will help you to prepare better for the exam.

Question1. Comment on the following

a) Black HMT instrument of a subscriber was replaced by a Green instrument at the subscriber’s request and Rs.60 was charged for the coloured instrument.

b) A P&T official on tour desired to book free service calls from a PCO working at a Post Office.

c) A subscriber who was going outside for a period for four months, requested for temporary disconnection of telephone. On reconnection of telephone he was not agreeable to pay the reconnection fee as charged by the telephone authorities on the plea that it was not disconnected due to non-payment.

d) A private company was having a circuit guaranteed for six years. Due to its less use it was surrendered by them after two years of its operation. The refused to pay the amount of the bill for compensation on the plea that the circuit was in use for only for two years.

Question2. a) Calculate the rent and minimum period hire for a PCO extension to a private businessman with the following date: Installed on 01.06.1994; Actual length 8.5 kms and Radial distance 6 Kms.

b) Prepare a demand note to be issued to Shri Ranganathan who has been sanctioned a casual telephone connection for a period of 30 days with internal extension with ICF at Chennai (exchange capacity of more than 3 lakhs). Deposit against trunk call as security may be obtained to the extent of Rs. 3000 from the party. The demand note to be issued on 30.09.96.

Question3. An OYT connection was provided on 01.05.1994 to Mr. Z in New Delhi (Exchange capacity > 1 Lakh lines). He got the registration on 01.06.1993. The connection was closed on 31.10.1994 at the subscriber’s request. Indicate the amount of registration, amount of credit to be afforded on account of waiting charges and additional waiting charges when the rate of interest payable by SBI on FD was 7% and calculate the refund admissible after adjusting the rental as well as the bills payable as under:

  • Bill dated 15.07.1994 Local Calls Rs. 750 and Trunk Calls Rs. 415
  • Bill dated 15.09.1994 Local calls Rs. 1100 and Trunk calls Rs. 300
  • Bill dated 15.11.1994 Local calls Rs. 3000 and Trunk calls Nil.

The answers for the above questions can be attained from PDF files given below. Practice OICL Model Papers for Accounts Officer (Specialist) and prepare well for the exam. Although these are not dedicated, but will make you practice best for the exam-

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4

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