Punjab State Civil Supplies Corp LTD PUNSUP Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Punjab State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (PUNSUP) recruitment exam for the different category of posts as listed below- Deputy General Manager (Finance & Accounts) Deputy District Manager (Accounts) Manager (Human resources) Manager (Information technology) Programmer Senior Auditor Exam pattern for above posts: S.No. Subject Questions Total No. Marks 1 Language- English 10 10 2 Language-

GATE PH Physics Syllabus PDF Download Full Details Section Wise

GATE Physics (PH) Syllabus includes the different sections which are listed below- Mathematical Physics- Linear vector space, matrices, vector calculus, elementary ideas, laplace transforms Classical Mechanics: Conservation laws, central forces, kepler problems, collissions, mechanics of system of particles, Lorentz transformations, non- inertial frames and pseudo forces Electromagnetic Theory: Solution of electrostatic and magnetostatic problems, Biot-

GATE Production and Industrial Engineering PI Exam Syllabus PDF Download

GATE Production and Industrial Engineering (PI) Syllabus is being discussed below with all the section discussed. The Engineering Mathematics section syllabus includes the following topics which have to be studied by all the candidates in detail- Linear Algebra Calculus Differential Equations Complex variables Probability and Statistics Numerical Methods Next is the section of General Engineering

GATE ME Syllabus PDF Download Mechanical Engineering Paper Details

GATE Mechanical Engineering (ME) syllabus is from the mechanical engineering, mathematics and aptitude section. The candidates need to study the sections of the GATE paper to crack it with good score. The Engineering Mathematics section will contain the questions from the course- Linear Algebra- Matrix Algebra, systems of linear equations, Eigen values & vectors Calculus-

Syllabus Of Metallurgical Engineering MT GATE Paper Full Details

GATE Metallurgical Engineering (MT) Syllabus- From Engineering Mathematics section, the topics on which the questions will be asked in the exam are- Linear Algebra2 Calculus Probability & Statistics Numerical Methods Differential Equations The Metallurgical Engineering section will have the topics covered as listed below- Thermodynamics and Rate Processes- laws, Activity, Equilibrium, Applications, thermodynamics of surfaces,
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