List of Fruits In World

Fruit has a different meaning as per the field and person. For a botany person, fruit contains plant’s seeds. Fruit comes from flower’s ovary in their language. But In general sense of cooking, botanical fruits are known as vegetables. For people living normal life and who are busy in their jobs & businesses, fruits are […]

List of Abstract Nouns In English

In English Grammar, there are several ways to describe each thing designed by nature in a different manner. In grammar, we find verb, noun, adjective, adverb, abstract noun, narration, voice etc. Abstract nouns are the objects/ ideas which can only be felt and can never be seen or touched. The things we sense with our […]

List of FIFA World Cup Matches With Full Details

FIFA world cup was being established in the year 1930. FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. This world cup is held every 4 years but exceptionally, 1942 & 1946 were skipped due to World War. Recent FIFA world cup was held 3 years back, i.e. in 2014 which was won by Germany against […]

List of Summer & Winter Olympic Games

For the very first time, the Olympics were held in the year 1896 and that too for summer sports. After every 4 years, a different city hosts the Olympics and this city is wholesole responsible for the organization. After the real success of summer sports, winter sports came into picture and they both are now […]

Rajya Sabha Members State Wise- GK Study

List of Members of Rajya Sabha The present Rajya Sabha has 245 members where the maximum people can be 250. Out of 245, total elected people by state assembly are 233 and rest are nominated by President. There is detailed list of Rajya Sabha members given in table below as per the state. List of […]