Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The website is the website to flourish more and more people in the education career. The content provided will help them to boost up their level of confidence for the exam preparation. The registration of the exam is just a start note but actually the preparation of the exam matters. The candidates need to choose a right path to learn about the exam and for the exam. Our  website is here to provide the previous question papers to reach the goal of exam preparation. The candidates should take a test to check upon their knowledge after looking at the question papers.

The information provided on our website is considered to be secured in terms of the users personal information. No unfair means are being applied which will lead to the disruption of the users’ respect. The personal credentials are being brought into practice only when it is required for any issue that is of utter importance.

While the website is being accessed the visitors need to worry at all for the privacy and security concerns as to keep it safe is the main objective. The browser which is used by the candidate to see the contents is although a medium to save the cookie. To ensure more security, be concerned of enabling or disabling the cookies from your browser. But, there are no issues of saving the personal contact information while the cookie is being saved.

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