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Problems on Ages Questions

Problems on Ages are a very popular question in most of the competitive exams. It can come in either reasoning or in Quantitative Aptitude section. Certain tricks and formulas that can be used to solve the questions easily are given below. The candidates should make sure that they practice a lot of aptitude questions before they go to take any competitive exam.

Problem on Ages Shortcut Tricks

  • The important thing in any kind of Age Problem, is to decide which age is present or past or future to be taken as x
  • But sometimes present age is not directly given in words. Then take x to be the age you are suppose to find.
  • We can also try putting ourself in someone’s place and try to calculate the age
  • Sometimes when nothing works and you are stuck on an age question in the last 4 minutes of the exam just look at the options and solve it through back calculations. This will helps you to easily calculate the answer for this type of questions at the last time.

Problem on Ages Important formulas

  • If the current age is X, then n times the age is nx
  • If the current age is x, then age n years later or hence is = x + n
  • If the current age is x, then the age n years ago or before is = x – n
  • The ages in ratio a:b will be ax and bx
  • If the current age is x, then 1/n of the age is x/n

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