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Railway Recruitment Board is the acting authority for all the recruitment in Railway. We have presented you RRB JE Electronics Sample papers which you can go through after preparing the actual syllabus. Now days as you all know exams are tougher than earlier & you have to study accordingly. RRB Junior Engineer Electronics Model Papers not only help you for testing yourself but also helps you to build a confidence within you, so that you can do well in the examination. The most important you will get in a habit to solve the questions in time. We hope the RRB JE Electronics Practice Material which we have provided will benefit you in your preparation. If you need any kind of help in this matter then just comment in the section given below.

Question1. In relation to the synchronous machines, which one of the following statements is false?

  1. In salient pole machines, the direct-axis synchronous reactance is greater than the quadrature-axis synchronous reactance
  2. The damper bars help the synchronous motor self start
  3. Short circuit ratio is the ratio of the field current required to produce the rated voltage on open circuit to the rated armature current
  4. The V-curve of a synchronous motor represents the variation in the armature current with field excitation, at a given output power.

Answer : (C)

Question2. A 800 kV transmission line is having per phase line inductance of 1.1 mH/km and per phase line capacitance of 11.68 nF/km. Ignoring the length of the line, its ideal power transfer capability in MW is?

  1. 1204 MW
  2. 1504 MW
  3. 2085 MW
  4. 2606 MW

Answer : (C)

Question3. High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is mainly used for

  1. Bulk power transmission over very long distances
  2. Inter-connecting two systems with the same nominal frequency
  3. Eliminating reactive power requirement in the operation
  4. Minimizing harmonics at the converter stations

Answer : (A)

Question4. Body effect in MOSFETs results in

  1. Increase in the value of trans conductance
  2. Change in the value of threshold voltage
  3. Decrease in the value of trans conductance
  4. Increase in the value of output resistance

Question5. A 2-port network has parameters of ABCD. If all the impedences in the network are Doubled, then

  1. A and D are remain unchanged B is doubled and C is halved
  2. A, B, C and D are all Doubled
  3. A and D are doubled C and B remain unchanged
  4. A and D remain unchanged C is doubled and B is halved.

Ans : (a

Lissajous pattern shown in a double-beam cathode-ray oscilloscope screen for two sinusoidal voltages of equal magnitude and of the same frequency but of phase shift of 300 electrical is

  1. A circle
  2. A straight line at 45 0 in the first and third quadrant
  3. An ellipse in the first and third quadrant
  4. An ellipse in the second and fourth quadrant

Ans : (c

To increase the range of a voltmeter

  1. A low resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
  2. A low resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter
  3. A high resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
  4. A high resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter

Ans : (c

RRB JE Syllabus & Exam Pattern LOOK

Railway Recruitment Board JE Electronics Sample/ Model Question Papers PDF Download

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