RRB Junior Engineer Mechanical Sample/ Model Question Papers Download

RRB Junior Engineer Mechanical Sample papers are the important source for the preparation of the examination. RRB JE Sample papers for Mechanical Will help to know what constitutes the exam paper and how to prepare the exam in best way. Being a competitive paper, it is mandatory to beat the level with lot of practice. So, learn the type of the questions and prepare the full syllabus for the exam in well formed manner. The questions given below have been the part of the paper once-

Question1. Which of the following laws is applicable for the behavior of a perfect gas

  1. Boyle’s law
  2. Charles’law
  3. Gay-Lussac law
  4. All of the above
  5. Joule’s law.

Question2. According to Gay Lussac law for a perfect gas, the absolute pressure of given mass varies directly as

  1. Temperature
  2. Absolute
  3. Absolute temperature, if volume is kept constant
  4. Volume, if temperature is kept constant
  5. Remains constant, if volume and temperature are kept constant.

Question3. An isolated system is one in which

  1. Mass does not cross boundaries of the system, though energy may do so
  2. Neither mass nor energy crosses the boundaries of the system
  3. Both energy and mass cross the boundaries of the system
  4. Mass crosses the boundary but not the energy
  5. Thermodynamic reactions do not occur.

Question4. Material handling in automobile industry is done by

  1. Overhead crane
  2. Trolley
  3. Belt conveyor
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Question5. Micro motion study is

  1. Analysis of a man-work method by using a motion picture camera with a timing device in the field of view
  2. Motion study* observed on enhanced time intervals
  3. Motion study of a sequence of operations conducted systematically
  4. Study of man and machine conducted simultaneously
  5. Scientific, analytic procedure for determining optimum work method.

Question6. Travel charts provide

  1. An idea of the flow of materials at various stages
  2. A compact estimate of the handling which must be done between various work sections
  3. The information for changes required in rearranging material handling equipment
  4. An approximate estimate of the handling which must be done at a particular station
  5. Solution to handling techniques to achieve most optimum results.
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