UPSC Engineering Services Exam Old Papers Of Electrical 1 With Solutions

The Electrical Engineering Paper 1 & Paper 2 is conducted for the UPSC Engineering Services Exam held in the month of June/ July every year. The Electrical Papers contain all the questions of the Electrical subjects and conceptual topics. The UPSC ESE Electrical Paper questions are of the following kind with which you can get the idea of how the questions are to be practiced for the examination.

The electric field lines and equipotential lines

  • Are parallel to each other
  • Are one and the same
  • Cut each other orthogonally
  • Can be inclined to each other at any angle

The depth of penetration of a wave in a lossy dielectric medium increases with

  • Increasing wavelength
  • Increasing conductivity
  • Decreasing wavelength
  • Increasing permittivity

When the wave travels in a conducting medium, the rate of attenuation is decied by

  • Attenuation constant
  • Phase constant
  • Both attenuation constant and phase constant
  • Neither attenuation constant nor phase constant

Uniform Plane wave is

  • Longitudinal in nature
  • Transverse in nature
  • Neither longitudinal nor transverse in nature
  • X-directed

A semiconductor device made out of a material having very high temperature coefficient of resistance is

  • Transistor
  • Varistor
  • Thyristor
  • Thermistor

The electrical conductivity of semiconductor increases with increase with in temperature because

  • The carrier concentration increases
  • The mobility of carrier increases
  • Both carrier concentration and mobility increase
  • The band gap decreases

The coaxial transmission line, the useful power flows through

  • The interface of the two conductors
  • Both inner and outer conducters
  • Inner conductor
  • outer conductor

The questions of the UPSC paper are being asked so as to test the knowledge of the candidates in their chosen field. Download UPSC ESE Electrical Paper 1 Previous Year Question Papers and practice them for the best score in the exam. These will help you to attain the best services in UPSC.

UPSC ESE Electrical PAPER 1 Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Paper 1

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