Syllabus For UPSC Engineering Services Mechanical Paper 1 & 2 Detailed PDF

UPSC Engineering Services Exam Mechanical Syllabus for Paper 1 & 2 is mentioned below. UPSC mechanical Engineering syllabus details will help to study as per designed curriculum for exam. So, every applicant has to focus on UPSC ESE Mechanical Syllabus and make a schedule in a way that all the topics are well studied for the exam.

Paper I:

Thermodynamics, Cycles and IC Engines: Open & Closed systems, Heat & work, 1st and 2nd law, irreversibility, properties of ideal gases, 2 stage compressor, C-I and SI units, Engines, pre ignition, fuel injection, emission and control, flue gas, conventional and nuclear fuels, non- flow processors

Heat Transfer and refrigeration and air- conditioning: Models of heat transfer, heat exchangers, thermal boundary level, black body, closure, duct design, sensible hating, solar refrigerators, controls, condensers, evaporates, network analysis

Fluid Mechanics: Properties and classification of fluids, buoyancy, kinematics and dynamics, irrotational and incompressible, inviscid flow, velocity potential, pressure field, dimensional numbers, dimensional analysis, similitude and modeling, pressure drop calculations,  divergent ducts, Rayleigh and fanno lines

Fluid Mach9inery and Steam Generators: Performance, Operation, Pump, Turbines, Energy transfer, wetness and condensation, steam types, compressors, multistage compression, efficiency, governance

Paper II:

Theory of Machines: Kinematics, cams, gears, gear trains, flywheels, balancing of single and multi- cylinder engines, linear vibration, critical speeds, automatic controls

Machine Design: Design of joints, design of friction drives, belt & chain drives, power screws, power transmission, bearing design

Strength of Materials: Stress, strain, principal stresses, mohr’s construction, uniaxial loading, thermal stresses, torsion of shafts, helical springs, combined stresses, structs and columns, strain energy concepts and theories of failure

Engineering Materials: Crystalline materials, alloys & binary phase, detects in crystalline materials, heat treatment, ceramics and composite materials

Production Engineering: Metal forming, metal casting, fabrication processes, metal cutting

Industrial Engineering: Production planning and control, forecasting, break even analysis, capacity planning, PERT, CPM, control operations, Quality analysis and control, linear programming, value engineering

Elements of Computation: Computer organization, flow chart, features of common computer languages, elementary programming

UPSC Indian Engineering Services Mechanical SYLLABUS


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