UPSEE UPTU B-Tech Entrance Exam Old Question Papers Download

UPSEE UPTU B.Tech Entrance exam is a important paper which is given by many applicants. So, it is really important to prepare well for the exam. For this reason, UPTU B.Tech last year papers are provided below for all the applicants of exam. So, download UPSEE UPTU Btech entrance old papers and then the preparation can be done in much better way. Some questions are given below which have been the part of exam. Try to find the solutions of questions given below and cross check them with the ones given in below PDFs.

Question1. An  open  pipe  is  suddenly  closed  at  one  end  with  the  result  that  the  frequency  of  third harmonic  of  the  closed  pipe  is  found  to  be  higher  by  100  Hz,  then  the  fundamental frequency of open pipe is.?

  • 480 Hz
  • 240 Hz
  • 300 Hz
  • 200 Hz

Question2. Venus looks brighter than other stars, due to:

  • Atomic fusion takes place on its surface
  • It has higher density than other stars
  • It is heavier than other stars
  • It is closer to the earth than other stars

Question3. Saccharin is a/an:

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon
  • Polynuclear compound
  • Sweetening agent
  • Sugar

Question4. The rate of increase of bacteria in a certain culture is proportional to the number present. If it doubles in 5 h, then in 25 h, its number would be:

  • 8 times the original
  • 16 times the original
  • 32 times the original
  • 64 times the original

Question5. A box contains two white balls, three black balls and four red balls. In how many ways can three balls be drawn from the box, if at least one black ball is to be included in the draw?

  • 64
  • 129
  • 84
  • None of these

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Question6. A satellite moves round the earth in a circular orbit of radius R making 1 rev/day. A second satellite moving in a circular orbit moves round the earth once in 8 days. The radius of the orbit of the second satellite is:

  • 8 R
  • 4 R
  • 2 R
  • R

Question6. Two equally charged, identical metal spheres A and B repel each other with a force F. The spheres are kept fixed with a distance r between them.  A third identical, but uncharged sphere C is brought in contact with A and then placed at the mid-point of the line joining A and B. The magnitude of the net electric force on C is:

  • F
  • 3F/4
  • F/2
  • F/4

Question7. Spherical aberration in a lens:

  • Is minimum when most of the deviation is at the first surface
  • Is minimum when most of the deviation is at the second surface
  • Is minimum when the total deviation is equally distributed over the two surfaces
  • Does not depend on the above considerations

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