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Verbal reasoning is the understanding of concepts which are based on general sense things. Verbal Reasoning is part of every competitive exam nowadays and the candidates need to prepare it very well to get all its questions solved. This section is very scoring part of exam and so preparation is very important. Verbal reasoning testes are often used for the entrance of candidates in various schools universities etc. These are the aptitude tests which includes various parts. This post is based on the logical Venn diagrams of verbal reasoning.

Logical Venn diagrams represents the mathematical or logical sets as circles or closed curves. Venn diagram shows all possible logical relations between finite collections of different sets. These diagram test the students’ theory and working towards diagrams. Venn diagrams are the important topic in verbal reasoning as this topic includes the diagrams. The main aim of this is to test the ability about the relation between some items of a group by diagrams.

Some examples of the Venn diagrams are as follows:

Question 1: In an organization of pollution control board, engineers are represented by a circle, legal experts by a square and environmentalist by a triangle. Who is most represented in the board as shown in the following figure?

Venn Diagram

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  1. Environmentalists
  2. Legal Experts
  3. Engineers with legal background
  4. Environmentalists with Engineering background

Answer: D (Environmentalists with Engineering background is most represented in the board)

Question 2: Study the diagram and identify the people who can speak only one language.

Venn Diagram Aptitude

  1. L+M+O
  2. K+J+I
  3. K
  4. I

These are the various types of questions included in Venn diagrams. To solve these questions various tricks and tips including with various formulas are adopted. Without these tricks and formulas the solution to these questions cannot be found. So candidates need to prepare all these questions in detail then only they can attempt the question in exam without wastage of time. Venn diagrams are easy if you know all the tricks than everybody easily solve the problems. We all know that these are mathematical based and we know that maths involves lot of practice. So, candidates should start preparing these chapters than only they can score good marks in exams. We have provided you all the information related to logical Venn diagrams.


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