UPTU Maths Sample Papers For B.Tech Entrance Exam Model Questions

UPSEE Uttar Pradesh Technical University conducts the various entrance examinations. For entrance, every applicant has to prepare the subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. UPTU B.Tech Entrance Maths Sample Papers are provided for the exam preparation. Sample Papers of UPTU Mathematics will help you to know that what kind of questions are asked In the exam. So, accordingly the preparation level can be set.

Some UPTU Mathematics Sample Questions are provided below. Solve the papers and try to find the most suitable answer. In the exam, all the questions are objective type.

Q1:  If R be a relation from A= {1, 2, 3, 4} to B= {1, 3, 5} such that (a, b) belongs to R which implies a<b, then ROR-1 is-

  1. {(1,3), (1,5), (2,3), (2,5), (3,5), (4,5)}
  2. {(3,1), (5,1), (3,2), (5,2), (5,3), (5,4)}
  3. {(3,3), (3,5), (5,3), (5,5)}
  4. {(3,3), (3,4), (4,5)}

Q2: The chances of defective screws in 3 boxes A, B, C are 1/5, 1/6, 1/7 respectively. A box is selected at random and a screw drawn from it as random is found to be defective. Then, the probability that it came from box A, is:

  1. 16/29
  2. 1/15
  3. 27/59
  4. 42/107

Q3: The line joining (5, 0) to (10 cos theta, 10 sin theta) is divided internally in the ration 2:3 at P. if theta varies, then locus of P is-

  1. A straight line
  2. A pair of straight lines
  3. A circle
  4. None of the above


Q4: A die is rolled twice and the sum of the numbers appearing on them is observed to be 7. What is the conditional probability that the number 2 has appeared at least once?

  1. ½
  2. 1/3
  3. 2/3
  4. 2/5

Q5: In an equilateral triangle, the inradius, circumradius and one of the exradii are in the ratio:

  1. 2:3:5
  2. 1:2:3
  3. 1:3:7
  4. 3:7:9

Q6: The number of ways of painting the faces of a cube of 6 different colors is-

  1. 1
  2. 6
  3. 6!
  4. 36

The answers to all the above questions can be found from the files made available here. Practice more UPTU B.Tech entrance Mathematics Model test papers and make corrections wherever you are wrong.



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