CBSE Class 10th Science Sample Model Question Paper PDF Download

CBSE Class 10th Science sample papers download PDF are given below which you can attain and practice for the exam. All the mock tests for Science are given which contains the questions from the defined syllabus given by CBSE. The referring questions are given below which you can practice and check the answers from the given files in the table. CBSE 10th Science Model papers PDF should be used wisely by all and prepare well for the exam.

Q1: A bottle containing a solution was left open by mistake in the laboratory. As soon as, Rahul entered the laboratory, he got the smell of vinegar. Rahul concluded that the bottle surely contained-

  • sodium hydroxide
  • acetic acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium bicarbonate

Q2: Describe an activity to show that metals are good conductors of electricity & Account for the following:

  • Hydrogen gas is not evolved when a metal reacts with nitric acid.
  • For storing sodium metal, it is kept immersed in kerosene.
  • The reaction of iron (III) oxide with aluminium is used to join cracked iron parts of machines.

Q3: A household uses the following electric appliances:

  • Refrigerator of rating 400 W for ten hours each day.
  • Two electric fans of rating 80 W each for twelve hours each day.
  • Six electric tubes of rating 18 W each for 6 hours each day.

Calculate the electricity bill of the household for the month of June if the cost per unit of electric energy is Rs.3.00

Q4: Two elements X and Y belong to group 1 and 2 respectively in the same period of periodic table. Compare these elements with respect to-

  • Number Of Electrons In Their Outermost Orbit.
  • Their Valences
  • Metallic Character
  • Their Atomic Size
  • Formula Of Their Chlorides
  • Formula Of their sulphates

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